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Presenting Award-Winning, Nationally Renowned, Magician, Educator and Herpetologist, with over 30 years of Professional Experience as a Compelling Entertainer and Inspirational Teacher.

Daryl Sprout is a certified herpetologist and master magician with a unique, humorous style. He has performed from Stage, TV, Conventions and Festivals to Schools and Libraries.

The Magician is an Artist who Paints upon the Canvas of the Imagination - And the Fear of Snakes causes Collisions with Stationary Objects.

Snakes & Lizards

Oh My!

Serpentine Sorcery

Enter a World
of Magic, Mystery
and Pure Wonder!

With his unique brand of humour, charisma and style, Daryl has been called, "The George Carlin of Herpetology". From Kids to Corporate, Close-up to Stage, for Parties and Receptions, Clubs and Theatres, he is certain to Amaze, Amuse and Inspire.

The Lizard Wizard

and Comedy

The World's only Stand-up Comic, Snake-Handling Magician. He's the only entertainer for all things reptile. After many years of doing talks at the Dallas Nature Center, word of mouth grew to the point that Daryl began Snake Encounters in 1992 to address the need for an accessible entity for the general public. It was established with the purpose of providing education on the subject of snakes in a humorous and entertaining way - in order to dispel myths, help audience members overcome the phobia, and to help guide the rapidly growing hobby of informed and responsible herpetoculture.

Have Snakes Will Travel!

Make Your
Special Event

Are you looking for something truly unique and absolutely unforgettable? There is nothing quite like Daryl's Prehistoric Prestidigitation. Custom designed shows for all ages and occasions. Conquer your fears and go hands on with his mind expanding menagerie of lovable reptiles. Nothing is more empowering than overcoming a lifelong fear. A phobia is a present you haven't opened yet.


“One of the standout headliners at the Weekend of Wonder Festivals, Daryl was truly extraordinary!“

Jay Scott Berry, Event Producer

“Daryl was absolutely AMAZING! The kids and adults loved his performance! He is hilarious and so knowledgeable about snakes!”

Brandon Woodson, School Show

“Snake Encounters with Daryl Sprout was such an awesome experience for my whole family!! My son just turned 6 and LOVES snakes!”

Chelsey Mullins, Birthday Party

“So fun! Everybody said it was the best birthday party ever. I’m not sure who had more fun the kids or the adults! Great for everyone.”

Amy Langley, Celebration