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Our Mission

Bringing over 20 years of experience and a generous helping of humor into the nature education arena, with a heavy emphasis on dispelling myths and helping the public conquer this learned and often paralyzing phobia. Thousands of audience members have overcome the learned and unnecessary fear of snakes through safe and entertaining interaction with beautiful animals that are accustomed to live performances and human contact.

Former Clients Include:

Dr. Pepper

Snapple Group

Washington Mutual



Time-Warner Cable

Discovery Channel

State Fair of Texas

Museum of Nature and Science

Discovery Science Center

Vista III Media


Texas Parks and Wildlife


Live Snake Encounters Shows | The Snakeless Snake Show | Speaking Engagements
Phobia Removal | Snake Removal Services | Snake Problem Consultations
Problem Snake Identification

Live Snake Encounters Shows

A whirlwind ride through at least a dozen different beautiful and amazing live snakes from around the globe, punctuated flawlessly with comedy, topically relevent (and jaw-dropping) magic - and mentalism. Educational, but the crowd has way too much fun to notice.

The Snakeless Snake Show

All the best aspects of the Comedy/Magic/Educational experience that is Snake Encounters, but all of the snakes are virtual, and there's even more time for comedy and magic! Add some mystifying mentalism, and the experience Daryl delivers will be etched in the psyche of your audience.

Speaking Engagements

A gifted and experienced speaker with a wealth of real-life stories to tell and a delivery style that invokes both humor and inspiration for overcoming fears, facing challenges and reaching new levels of performance in every aspect of life - Daryl generously peppers his presentations topical comedy, magic and mentalism. His dynamic and charismatic presentations captivate the hearts and minds of audiences from all walks of life.

Phobia Removal

Daryl has a track record for helping members of the general public overcome ophidiophobia (the fear of snakes) that rivals that of the most credentialed therapists in the field, and in every show there are audience members who amaze themselves by being so enchanted and entertained that the fear itself melts like ice on a warm day. By applying this experience across topical lines to address phobias with a different focus, Daryl has seen all manner of learned and unnessesary fears melt just as easily.

Snake Removal Services

With over 25 years of hands-on, practical field experience and a nationwide network of additional field experts, each with 10 years minimum under their belts, Snake Encounters has provided expert inspection, removal and consulation services for property owners, residences, businesses and government facilties since 1994. If you need assistance with a snake call me at 800-339-9470.

Snake Problem Consultations

One on one, location-specific, situationally tailored consultations provide every aspect of the vital information needed to make a snake problem safely and uneventfully pass, and to take the necessary, practical and cost-effective steps to prevent reoccurrence.

Problem Snake Identification

An on-the-fly, very low cost, money-back guaranteed identification service that takes advantage of today's technology to quickly and effectively deliver the single most important piece of information needed in any Snake Encounter. Based on the findings if a detailed discussion is indicated, the ID fee is applied toward the consultation.
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