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New Animals

June 28th, 2009

Doing what I do leads to a lot of folks asking me to adopt animals that, for various reasons, they can’t continue to care for.  I’ve always done what I could.  Sometimes that even means that new animals end up doing the show with me, as living ambassadors for their kind.

My latest additions to the Snake Encounters roster are both very unique snakes with distinct personalities.  They couldn’t be more different.

The first we have named Peter Piper – the Persnickety Pine snake.  He picked a peck of pinkie pups.   Actually, he’s too big even for rat pinkies – we’re talking jumbo mice or small rats for him, but they don’t begin with a P.  And he has a delightfully demonstrative attitude, including what may turn out to be the best hiss in my collection.  Distinctly patterned, unlike most Pine snakes – very impressive.  He may well be taking the place of the smaller (but more vocal) of the two Bull snakes I currently use in the show.

The other is from the opposite side of the planet, and he’s already in the show. He’s a big, short, stout, impressive Blood python.   His name is Vladamir.  Generally speaking, Blood pythons are very well named, but this one’s a total sweetheart.  The crowds seem to love him.  Check out the pic – that head can swallow something even a bit wider than his enormous middle.  The photo was done by the photography studio that was hired by Dr. Pepper/Snapple, along with me, to do their latest ad shoot – promo material for their two new flavors of the energy drink called Venom.

Posters and such with my Albino Burmese named Neon draped around a very pretty model (tough work to be sure) should be appearing now, mostly in independently owned convenience stores across the country that carry the product.

While we were at it the photography team took shots of Neon and Vladamir without the model, and DP/S gave me permission to use them.  HUGE files.  My computer didn’t want to be doing anything else when I opened them.  Wow – these guys work at outrageous resolutions.

The Pine snake shot, in sharp contrast, is my own work.  6.2 megapixels is a completely different world to say the least.  Sigh.  You should’ve seen the camera setup the studio pros were using.  Extremely cool.   Then again, I do get a lot of mileage out of my humble Canon Powershot.  Mounted on a monopod, it acts as my primary snake stick and lets me tell a much more specific tale about what exactly is the nature of someone’s snake problem and what needs to be done about it.

So here they are for the first time on the web, Peter Piper the Pine snake and Vladamir – the Blood python!